Preserved flowers are 100% natural material. Then why are they called preserved? It is because fresh flowers go through a preservation process to maintain their beauty, freshness, and longevity. These are all natural materials and due to the special preservation techniques used to preserve the flowers they last for a long time from a year or 2 or even longer. The roses are soft to touch as well. They are processed with a special preservation process so they do not need any water or any sunlight that's why they are absolutely low maintenance. 
Preserved flowers go through a preservation process to make them last a long time without losing their beauty. Flowers are cut at the peak of their bloom at their most beautiful stage then they are soaked in a proprietary solution. That's how they maintain their natural beauty. Farms and manufacturers have come up with developing various colors. There are a wide variety of colors from pastel colors to bright vibrant colors. The roses are also available in gold, silver and rose gold colors. 
This process of preservation has made the longevity of flowers so they are also known as eternity roses or long-lasting roses. There are a variety of preserved materials available, most popular are the "roses". Preserved flowers are used as home decor and they are great as gifts.